Monday, September 24, 2007

What a long, strange (beautiful) week it has been...(Pt. 3)

And then there was Stevie. When a friend of mine called a few months ago and left a frantic message about Steive being back on tour, I knew I had to be at at least one show. Last Sunday night, I walked into Baltimore's Pier Six Pavilion shining; I left aflame.

In case you were wondering: Stevie Wonder is the epitome of black American music, SOUL music. He is still every bit the performer he was here. This was recorded in Detroit in 1984. It's been more than twenty years since this was taped and he was still pure electricity. The crowd was on their feet and on fire. Genius is all there is here, there are no other words. I was thankful, my dreams bright and heavy with song, all night and the night thereafter.