Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am having a weird day already; I got up early and managed to plow through the million things that seem to need to be done before work in the morning, but am still a bit out of it, whatever "it" is. Some random things for today:

1.) Things I'm reading today:
  • Chapters from the Book of Luke
  • Poems from all the National Poetry Month e-mail lists (namely Poetry Daily, Knopf, and the Academy of American Poets)
  • The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella (Given to me by Jane--my best friend since eighth grade--as a present)

2.) Things I can't stop singing today:

3.) Things I want my parents to get to do today:

4.) Things I'm looking forward to today:

  • Jon Pineda's reading/book release party this Thursday
  • Finally seeing the Alvin Ailey Dance Company (While Ms. Jamison is still director...)
  • Salsa Bootcamp (or some dance class) with the Road Dawgs

5.) Things I've browsed on the internet today:

  • We seem to even prefer dieting in the womb, girls.
  • You think you know Big Will, but you have no idea...
  • The Bluecast Variations on Funk Reading sponsored by Indiana Review. Take a listen.