Monday, November 3, 2008

Workin' Day and Night

It has been a long time since I had time to post (and truth be told, I'm really stealing time now!) but I wanted to give some updates. Above is a print from a Hale Woodruff painting. His lines and coloration are so lovely. I am now intent on seeing this piece in person.

Over the past month I've been away from the blog, but here are some things I've gotten done:

--"Finished" my second manuscript, What We Ask of Flesh (more on this soon...)

--Sent the manuscript and chapbook, The Body Speaks, out to some contests and book prizes

--Went to court in Emporia (where they still have town-wide fire alarms) and felt happy that I wasn't the woman in the room caught doing 99 in a 55 mph zone

--Began conversing with a talented and enthusiastic young poet named Tierra Key thanks to the fabulous Dr. Joanne Gabbin

--Jumped headfirst into a thirty-day write (i.e. a poem a day for thirty days) with 2006 CC Group D

--Put Robin Thicke's Something Else and John Legend's Evolver in heavy rotation. Currently loving this...

--Read The Secret Life of Bees (which had its problems, but was a lovely read) and read and re-read Jericho Brown's new book, Please, which is nothing short of brilliant

--Worked as a reviewer for a wonderful arts organization in Kentucky

--Tested over 800 students (I am so ready for a vacation!)

--Tried to learn the new Beyonce moves more than once in my full length mirror

--Started prepping for a teen poetry workshop I'll be teaching soon at my local library

So, lots of good things happening and I'm just trying to keep up :-) More soon...