Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Soundtrack of My Life

IF YOUR LIFE WAS A MOVIE, WHAT WOULD THE SOUNDTRACK BE? A good friend of mine sent me a (chain) note with this heading the other day. It's supposed to be a random, shuffling game you play with the music you have stored on your computer, but because I am slightly off-kilter, I think about this all the time. Not because I think my life has been so exciting that it's movie-worthy, but because I truly do want my own soundtrack. I've been designing it in my head for years! Anyway, here's how I would write my own personal score:

Opening Credits:
Ascension -- Maxwell

Waking Up:
Happier Than the Morning Sun -- Stevie Wonder

First Day At School:
School -- New Edition

Making Your New Best Friend:

Falling In Love:
Easy Conversation -- Jill Scott

Breaking Up:
Ain't No Way -- Aretha Franklin

Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) -- Beyonce

No Such Thing -- John Mayer

Life's Okay:
The Longest Time -- Billy Joel or these guys

Death of a Close Friend:
Show Me -- John Legend

Mental Breakdown:
Harder to Breathe -- Maroon 5

Follow Me -- Usher

It's So Hard to Say Good bye to Yesterday-- Boyz II Men

Getting Back Together:
Let's Stay Together --Al Green

Wedding Scene:
So Amazing -- Luther Vandross

Birth of Child:
Zion -- Lauryn Hill

Car Accident:
Time After Time -- Cassandra Wilson

Final Battle:
Purple Rain -- Prince

Death Scene:
Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer -- Stevie Wonder

Funeral Song:
525,600 Minutes -- Rent (The Musical)

End Credits:
Girl Blue - Stevie Wonder

Liner note: Can I just say that YouTube might be the best thing ever invented...
Hey, I think I'll do the Poems/Books of my life next :-)