Friday, September 12, 2008


...and if you had any idea which tickets I just landed, you'd already be sending gifts to bribe me for them! I am infatuated with Maxwell and decided he was my future husband about the nineteenth time I cried myself to sleep listening to "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever" when I was 16.

I've really had a few glorious years as far as music is concerned. I finally saw Stevie tear the house down last September, I got a glimpse of Prince on his Musicology tour and now I get to finally see Maxwell again. It can't get much better...unless that Jackson Family reunion in Vegas pans out, Michael and Janet join up, and I win some tickets to opening night!

So, music is clearly my muse and I use it all the time when I'm writing, especially as I get nearer to the end of a major project. Sometimes I stay up well into the wee hours of the morning, blasting the same song/album over and over again until I feel like I've made some real progress. There's no doubt that Maxwell's newest will be on blast this winter while I write. In anticipation of the cold (and the blues you probably have now that you know your seats aren't as good as mine), here's something to keep you warm...oh and you're welcome for the extra eye candy thrown in courtesy of the movie The Best Man. This is one of my favorite favorites from Maxwell. It's always good to know when a brotha ain't playin :-)